A Writer’s Room Recording Studio


Recording for the rest of us...

Duncan’s state-of-the-art recording space features 4 adjoining rooms for isolation, with the capability of offering 5 individual headphone mixes so that each player can dial in the perfect mix. Gear includes a Alesis HD24 digital recorder, a Yamaha 01V96 digital mixer, and a Mac running Digital Performer (pro tools equivalent.) A Yamaha Stage Custom drum kit is available with a full compliment of cymbals and a choice of 4 snare drums and 3 kicks. Duncan includes keyboard parts and arranging assistance at no extra charge. A Writer’s Room studio is centrally located near 5th and Alvernon. 327-8699

Recent CD projects:

Sugar Stains: Sweet Revenge

Kevin Pakulis: Shadesville, Mockingbird Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeah

Amber Norgaard: Long Way Home 

Sabra Faulk: Acoustic Angel

Bryan Dean Trio: Pink Elephant

Heather Hardy: Get Out of the Road

Ron Pandy: Truth and Other Lies

Fred Knipe: I’m Fine

Black Cat Bone: Too Far Gone

Rowdy Johnson Band: Outlaws Today

Bill Martin: Kangaroos & Marigolds

Don and Victoria Armstrong: Telling the Tale

BK Special: BK Special, Hope Springs

Bossa Rhythm Project

Nancy McCallion: Take a Picture of Me

Neil McCallion and the Maxwells: Oh No

Way Out West: Down at the Ol’ Bar None, Saddle Sore Blues

Greg Morton: When Pigs Fly

Jo Wilkinson and Grains of Sand

Pablo Perigrina: Traveling Soles

Rusty Terry: Teach the Children

Link to some photos taken at A Writer’s Room (titled: “Studio Sessions November ’08”)